A Message From the CEO

April 1, 2015

This little girl is smiling since she no longer has to fight hunger pangs each and every day. Along with Isabel*, 16 million kids across America leave school on Friday, not knowing if they will have food to eat that weekend. That is one in five children.

Across America, 69% of public school children, including Isabel, are fed by the free and reduced meal program during the school week. But who will feed them this weekend?

At Blessings in a Backpack, we not only feed hungry kids, but we let them know that others value them. The bag of food that children receive from Blessings in a Backpack as they leave school on Friday tells each child that their community cares about them. That we are here to help them through life’s most difficult times.

That’s where you come in – help us feed more than 76,000 children, like Isabel, across the country this weekend by investing in Blessings in a Backpack today.

Childhood hunger is a problem, but it is one we can solve together.  Join us in showing children across America that we are here to help.

Thank you very much for your continued investment in feeding the future of America









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