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Read what our schools, teachers and other program supporters are saying about the great benefits the Blessings in a Backpack program provides. Not surprising, a little food goes along way in helping to improve test scores, attendance and school rankings.

Teacher from Orlando, FL


It was my pleasure to meet Stan Curtis and Hilary Duff this past Friday at my school in Orlando. The Blessings in a Backpack program is a lifesaver for many of our children. My colleagues and I have been huge supporters since we began implementing the program earlier this year.

When our principal told us that Hilary Duff would be visiting our school we were excited to meet her but a little skeptical about the kids perception of Miss Duff. All they knew about this young lady was her persona on Lizzie McGuire. We were concerned they would be disappointed to learn Lizzie was just a television character. But the minute she walked into our school and thanked the man holding the door, we realized everything would work out fine. When Stan spoke of his work with Hilary, I began to see a young woman dedicated to helping young children.

Thank you for taking the time to come to our school and allowing our children to meet the two people who began this journey to change the lives of our country's poorest children. It is important for our children to see someone giving back to those less fortunate, so they in turn will learn to do the same in the future. Thank you!


Teacher, Orlando Sponsored School
Parent from Louisville, KY

Hello Mr. Curtis as well as to those involved in the program,

I work one job and go to college at night in an effort to give my children a better life. But with the prices of food and other necessities required to live, we are just barely getting through. I don't claim to be the best mother for my kids, but I do everything I can for them. My children do get food on the weekends, but your program helps me give them more than what I can provide. It allows me to do other things with the money that I would normally spend on that same food, such as giving them better clothing (and yes we are proud Goodwill shoppers).

Before I ramble, I just wanted again to say thank you- keep up the excellent work.

Proud parent of two children who receive your services

Student from Eminence, KY
Provided by Debby - Family Resource Center Coordinator and Director of the Eminence Branch  

Thank you for the backpack I get on Friday. It helps me learn because I am not as hungry when I am at school. You are a great Resource Center Teacher!

Student and Receiver of Blessings Backpacks

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