Successful School Programs

Read what our schools, teachers and other program supporters are saying about the great benefits the Blessings in a Backpack program provides. Not surprising, a little food goes along way in helping to improve test scores, attendance and school rankings.

Dear Blessings in a Backpack,
I want to Thank You for caring about the students so much that you would go out of your way and develop a program such as this.
I received a letter that determined my children XXX and XXX are eligible Carnahan ES recipients of the program. I would like to Thank You for inviting my family into this program.
K. - Parent San Antonio, TX

I have 18 new students to our program  (due to former participants graduating, transferring to other schools or moving out of our district) and the new students are very excited and happy to be part of the program! The students that were part of the program last year and are still in the program this year, have been over the moon happy to have the program resume this school year, many of them asked me, “Nurse Walker are we doing the Blessing in a Backpack this year?”, “When are we staring the Backpack program? I really like the food!”

My school Principal, Mrs. Meyer was very happy to know that the program was resuming as we had identified  children who we felt would truly benefit from the Blessings in a Backpack food. We have had parents, students and teachers rave about the program and are very happy that we are able to provide for 50 children.

S. Walker - School Nurse & Program Coordinator St. Louis, MO

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