General Info for Use in Fundraising

Fundraising Guidelines from Marketing
Fundraising Event Guidelines
Event Worksheet
Blessings “Cheat” Sheet

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Fundraising Flair: Using the 10th birthday to bolster your fundraising 

Fundraising Flair: Retaining your donors

Spring Campaign Tools

Weekend Avengers Template
Spring Solicitation Letter

Fundraising Tools

Donation Form
Individual Solicitation Letter Template
Monthly Solicitation Letter Template
Sample Corporate Outreach Letter
Corporate Pitch Email Sample
Sample Religious Group Solicitation Letter Template
Sample Event Timeline
Creative Fundraising Ideas
Sample Proposal
Walmart Community Grant Template
In-Kind Donation Letter
3 Part Gift-In-Kind Donation Form
Creating a Facebook Fundraiser
Directions for Using the Square Device
Square Charge Form
Peer to Peer FAQ’s
Give Lively Overview and FAQ
Give Lively Set Up Form
Everyday Hero Instructions
Sample Auction Sheet
Double the Donation
FY18 Year-End Report (Customizable)
FY18 Year-End Report (Non-Customizable)
Sample Tax Receipt Document
Sample Tax Receipt PDF
Insurance Policy

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