Internship FAQ’s

Who is eligible to apply?
Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at a university, college, or community college as well as recent college graduates. Please read the position requirements carefully to make sure you are a qualified applicant.

Are internships paid?
Internships vary from department to department and are, unpaid, but available for academic credit.

Can I receive academic credit for my internship?
You are responsible for making appropriate arrangements with your schools and internship managers to receive credit for internships.

What are the hours for internships?
Hours vary and are flexible; however, a minimum of 14 hours per week is generally expected.

Are transcripts necessary?
Specific internships will require the unofficial or official documents and will be listed in the posting if needed.

May I reapply?
Yes, please reapply after every academic semester or quarter if you would like to be reconsidered.

Are phone interviews allowed?
Yes, and an in-person interview will be scheduled if required for the recruitment process.

Are there specific start and end dates to the internship?
Typically, internships are held in the winter/spring, summer and fall semesters. Dates are negotiable based on school requirements.