National Blessings in a Backpack Week is Sept. 24-28, 2018

National Blessings in a Backpack Week is Sept. 24-28, 2018

National Blessings in a Backpack Week is a week of events that bring awareness to Blessings in a Backpack’s work to feed the kids this weekend. This year, we strive to expand the number of hunger-free weekends made possible by the volunteer-driven events held in communities across the country.

Activities are taking place all week long, so everyone — that means YOU — can be an ambassador for our programs and the kids we serve! Join us in these daily activities Sept. 24–28, 2018.

Be sure to take pictures and share on social media. Who can post the biggest group shot on Instagram? Bet you can! Use #Blessingsina? and #BlessingsWeek18.

Here’s a list of the week’s daily focuses on social media:

Ditch your briefcase and purse. Take your backpack to work!

Take a pic of your backpack and post on social media.

If you don’t have a backpack, download a printable Backpack from our website and pin it to your briefcase, purse, or shirt. Or click here to buy the Blessings ‘Backpack’ tee for only $10.

Ask local news anchors to wear backpacks on air.

Create a flyer to post all over town.


Together we can make a difference!

Take team photos in backpacks and post on social media. Use #TeamTuesday and be sure to tag @wearefarmers.

Have a game? Ask all participants and attendees to bring a food donation — single servings of non-perishable foods.

Ask coaches to wear backpacks on the sidelines.

Teamwork also works in the workplace. Reach out to local businesses to set up a box or carton and ask employees to
donate food.


A great project for classrooms, scout troops, or clubs and employee engagement.

Create inspirational notecards for the kids who take home Blessings in a Backpack. Download a printable notecard
or use the paper you have at home.

Post a picture of your notecard on social media. Use #WisdomWednesday

Donate the cards to a local Blessings program or mail them to:

Blessings in a Backpack
Attn: Zoe Devorkin
135 S. LaSalle St. Suite 1921
Chicago, IL 60603


For the 5th year in a row, mayors nationwide will join local Blessings volunteers in an effort to combat childhood hunger in the US.

Request a proclamation naming Sept. 27 National Blessings in a Backpack Day in your city or town.

Video your mayor talking about Blessings and post it to your social media pages. Invite the mayor to wear a backpack to work.

Set up a photo-op with the mayor near City Hall and ask everyone you know to come and get their picture taken. Post them on social media. Hand out flyers and program info. Recruit new volunteers. Make it fun and rewarding!

Post pictures on social media of all the packing events going on in every state to show the “national” face of Blessings in a Backpack. Use #BlessingsDay18.


Be an ambassador for Blessings in a Backpack!

Wear Blessings gear if you have it. If not, buy it here or wear something red. Download and print a Blessings sign. Take a photo and post it.

Tell a friend about us. Have them tell a friend. Take a group photo. Share it on social media and tag your friends (tag us too!)

Set up a dress down fundraiser at school or at work. Everyone gets to wear jeans of they donate to Blessings in a
Backpack. Donate the money you collect on our website.

Pledge your birthday to Blessings in a Backpack. Click here to learn how you can get involved during our 10th birthday year!

Download and print the weekly activities.

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