Hungry Child Brings Volunteer to Tears

Hungry Child Brings Volunteer to Tears

Hammond, Indiana

At Harding Elementary in Hammond, Indiana, 78% of the students qualify for federal free and reduced-price meals. During the week, they eat breakfast and lunch at school, but do kids eat on the weekends? That’s where Blessings in a Backpack comes in!

Jennifer Hoke started a Blessings program at Harding Elementary in March, feeding 47 kids. One day, while dropping the packed food off at school, she spoke to Jackie, a school counselor helping coordinate the program.

Jackie told her that a girl came to school late, holding her stomach. Jackie asked what was wrong. The girl said she was hungry and asked, “Are you still serving breakfast?”

Jackie said breakfast had already ended. The girl replied, “Do I get my Blessings bag today?”

The story brought Jennifer to tears. “This is why we do this,” she said.